Full sensory experiences

Being fully physically present wihin an avatar's whole body is a huge leap in immersion from the 'floating heads' in most social VR experiences.

As jaron Lanier said...

'The visceral realness of human presence within an avatar is the most dramatic sensation I have felt in VR. Interactivity is not just a feature or a quality of VR, but the natural empirical process at the core of experience. It is how we know life. It is life, it is the new digital frontier' (Dawn of the New Everything, 2017).


BespokeVR has deep expertise in developing full body experiences for art installations, science exhibitions, academic researchers and immersive production companies (project under NDA). We tailor the technology to suit the project from high end motion capture (eg. OptiTrack / Vicon) to Vive Trackers, Percepton Neuron and our in-house proprietary solutions.